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About Us

Using the skills of a master Melbourne gunsmith is the best way to keep your gun in tip top shape and enhance your shooting experience. While some of the basics of gun maintenance can be done at home, an experienced gunsmith is the way to go when things get a little more complex than routine cleaning. If you are in Melbourne, Victoria, and the surrounding areas, you will benefit from our gun servicing and gun customisation services. With many years of practical experience in this industry, you can always rely on us when it comes to your Melbourne gunsmithing needs.

Our devoted and experienced team of professionals will guarantee you timely completion of your gunsmithing work and stay within your budget. Our mission is simply to exceed your expectations. From setting up the initial discussion about your needs and requirements, to the final touches of any gunsmithing work, we work tirelessly to give you the right results that are a reflection of our professionalism, attention to detail, reliability and integrity.

It does not matter whether you are on a mission to simply service your gun, or make custom gun modifications, Melbourne Master Gunsmith will gladly show you the best way to achieve your dream. For handguns, pistols and rifles, our specialist team of gunsmiths can assist you with gun repairs, gun maintenance, custom gunsmithing and custom cerakoting, all delivered with a cheery smile.

Gunsmith Services

Gun Servicing & Cleaning

In order for your gun to be reliable, accurate and safe, you should consider gun servicing by a professional gunsmith. Don’t let your shooting be full of danger and frustration. At Melbourne Master Gunsmith, our experienced and skilled team can provide a regular clean, service and safety inspection to ensure your shooting is pure enjoyment.

Gun Repairs

Cracked parts? Timing issues? Bore obstructions? It’s time to get a professional gunsmith to perform some gun repairs on your firearm. With the right parts, skill and attention to detail you will soon be back enjoying your shooting again. Trust the Melbourne Master Gunsmith team to help you assess the damage, recommend a solution and repair your gun perfectly so that you will be back shooting bullseyes in no time at all!

Custom Gun Modifications

Does your gun have a heavy trigger pull? Maybe you have a grip or recoil problem? Sounds like that gun of your needs some custom modifications to meet your desires or needs! Whatever the modification you’re looking for, we can provide the advice and service to fulfill all your wishes. Our objective is to give you custom gun modifications that exactly what you need and services that exceed your expectations!

Custom Cerakote

Custom Cerakoting provides great protection for you firearm and makes it look great! It rejuvenates you weapon, a bit like buying it a flash new suit lined with armour. You can personalise your gun with the colors you choose. Cerakote rules out the need to oil treated surfaces. It’s also tough enough to stay put, even if you drop your gun on a rough surface. Let Melbourne Master Gunsmith’s factory trained cerakoters provide the custom cerakote services you need to spruce up your gun today!

Super Efficient

We have the tools and techniques to get your work done quickly to enable you to get back to the shooting range.

Deeply Committed

We put customer service first, second and last, and back it up with a full warranty on all work!

Highly Skilled

We’ve been doing this a long time and know all the tricks of the trade necessary to do a great job for you.