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Custom Gun Modifications


If you’re a gun enthusiast, the idea of an occasional upgrade will cross your mind. Sometimes the modification will be to improve performance. Sometimes it will be for better physical control of the weapon. Often you will just want to personalize your firearm to make it look good and stand out from the crowd.

At Melbourne Master Gunsmith we have all the necessary tools and professional experience to make the custom gun modification you require. No matter the modification, we stand for excellence in gunsmithing and customer service. We also provide a full warranty on all work performed!

Pre-Modification Considerations

Before making your custom gun modification it’s wise to ask yourself some questions:

  • What do you want to use your firearm for? Is there a specific style, function or purpose for the weapon? If so, will your modification help or hinder? Ensure the modification not going to interfere with any the gun’s controls. For example, a slide-on rubber grip sleeve might enhance your grip but restrict the magazine catch. Do your research! Any potential modification that poses safety concerns, slows down, blocks or breaks any of the gun’s firing processes aren’t worth the risk.
  • Do you already have an action/firearm, or will you buy one specifically for the project?
  • Do you have a rough time-frame or budget in mind? Remember that some modifications may require parts to be sourced from overseas and this can often take several weeks.,

Illegal Modifications

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Ignorance of the law will not stop you from being prosecuted. Please check your intended modification is legal. For example, in Victoria you cannot alter the firearm or it’s magazine capacity so that it becomes a different category of firearm unless you have received authorization.

Common Custom Gun Modifications

Here are some of the more common custom gun modifications we see:

Trigger upgrades: Some guns have clunky or heavy trigger pulls. A heavier trigger pull results in less accuracy because the trigger has more resistance and the gun can move away from the target as you pull. A trigger must also be smooth and uninterrupted to increase accuracy. Sometimes a replacement rigger fixes these problems.

Tactical lights: A tactical light modification can give you an edge in low-light situations. These lights come in a variety of lengths and sizes, depending on the size of the firearm.

Night sights: Most guns come with sights that are great for daylight but useless in the dark. Fibre optic and tritium night sights are popular solutions for this problem.

Extended Slide Stop Release: An extended slide stop release lever are often added to some guns to make it easier to release the slide using your thumb for faster reloading.

Slide Modifications: This usually involves slide texture modifications to make it easier to use the slide quickly and efficiently, particularly with sweaty hands or in a humid environment.

Magazine Extensions: Many handguns come with extended magazine options, boosting the number of rounds in your gun.

Cerakoting: Cerakote is a polymer-ceramic coating that can be added to the metal surfaces of your gun. It protects your gun and comes in a wide range of colors that make it look great! We specialise in custom cerakoting.

Lasers: A laser helps to improve shooting accuracy and can be use during both the day and night. Lasers usually come in red or green, depending on your preference.

Recoil Management: Many guns deliver quite a kick when fired! To help reduce this, many people add barrel threads and a muzzle brake. Muzzle brakes work to redirect muzzle gases to reduce the climb and recoil of a firearm after shooting it.

No matter what modification you are considering, the team at Melbourne Master Gunsmith can give you the advice and services you need to ensure the best outcome. Give us a call today!