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Gun Repairs Near Me!

Handgun in pieces for repairs.

The Melbourne Master Gunsmith workshop is equipped to carry out just about any gun repairs you can think of! That means your gun is not farmed out to someone miles away. Therefore, you can have confidence that all work is carried out exactly as you’d expect.

If your gun has a mechanical problem, the best thing you can do is seek professional assistance to set things right. Trying to fix things yourself or letting anyone other than a seasoned professional handle it usually results in even more damage!

Common Gun Repairs

What types of gun repairs does Melbourne Master Gunsmiths commonly see?

  • Bore obstructions – bore obstructions not only cause accuracy problems they can cause gun denigration over time.
  • Cracked parts – firing a gun creates tremendous forces that take a toll on the gun itself. Consequently, cracks form in various places. Cracks should be repaired immediately before a major malfunction results.
  • Timing issues – timing issues typically result in misfiring. This is a safety issue and requires professional help to fix.
  • Malfunctioning safety – a safety that doesn’t disable the firing mechanism is useless. Do not use your gun until it’s fixed or someone is bound to get hurt!
  • Firing pin deformities – deformed firing pins can lead to primer rupture, resulting in further damage your gun.
  • Loose gun stocks – upon discharge, the barrel and receiver crash into the gun stock often, causing cracking behind the lock plate.
  • Dents in barrels and chips in stocks – usually caused when the gun is leaned against something and falls over

You Gun Repair Specialists

At Melbourne Master Gunsmith, all repairs are covered by a full warranty! Our trained, friendly staff are ready to make all the gun repairs you need to the highest of standards. You won’t be disappointed we we fix your gun! Contact us now for a free quote on your gun repair!