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Gun Servicing & Cleaning

Gun cleaning

The beauty of a Melbourne Master Gunsmith professional service and clean is we focus on ensuring your gun is serviced properly using the latest professional cleaning tools and techniques.

Why Clean & Service Your Gun?

A clean gun is a safe gun. At the very least, a clean gun improves reliability and accuracy on the range. In other situations it might save your life.

How Often Should You Clean & Service Your Gun?

A gun is not like a car with a fixed servicing schedule every 6 months or 10,000 kms. It should be cleaned after each trip to the range. How often you need a professional service and clean depends on how often you use your gun and in what conditions you use it. For example, for competition shooting many experts recommend a general clean every 250-350 rounds and a professional deep clean after 3000 rounds. However, wind, heat, cold, rain, mist all have impacts. Just think of the condensation taking place inside the gun’s action and locks!

What Does Gun Servicing & Cleaning Involve?

At Melbourne Master Gunsmithing our approach to gun servicing and cleaning depends on your firearm and needs. We listen to you about your gun use. Then we inspect your weapon. Your gun may require only a simple tune-up, tightening and timing adjustment. For other customers, the gun is fully stripped down to it’s components, the barrel is checked obstructions and damage, and all parts are cleaned from oil, grease, grit. We particularly check for gunpowder residue. Gunpowder residue is a corrosive force which causes rust and corrosion and impact your gun’s action. Upon inspection, we may also recommend replacement of some components. Once re-assembled, we apply lubrication to your gun. Finally, we test detonation, ejection and trigger pull pressures.

Melbourne Master Gunsmith offers gun servicing and repair services in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria. Get a free quote now and see for yourself how we can keep your gun safe and in good working order.