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Rebarreling And Barrel Threading

Barrels for rebarreling before barrel threading has been done!

Gun Rebarreling

If you’re thinking of rebarreling your gun (rifle or pistol) you’ve come to the right place! Melbourne Master Gunsmith specialises in gun rebarreling and barrel threading. Come to us for the best in rebarreling advice and service!

Why Rebarrel Your Gun?

There are four main reasons people ask for gun rebarreling from Melbourne Master Gunsmith:

1. The rifle is not shooting as accurately as desired.

2. The owner wants to change the calibre of the firearm.

3. The owner wants to increase or decrease weight of their rifle.

4. The owner wants to customize the look of their rifle.

Most of the time it’s reason #1 – more accuracy!

Gun Rebarreling Steps

Rebarreling is not a job for amateurs. It’s best to let the barrel maker do the barrel contouring, and you need specialised tools and a precision minded gunsmith to do the fitting and chambering.  This is where an experienced custom gunsmith comes to the fore! Could you do the barrel chambering required? Chambering requires using a chamber reamer – not something most people have in their home tool kit! A chamber reamer is a specific type of fluted reamer used by gunsmiths to cut the chamber of a handgun, rifle or shotgun. For chambering, the chamber reamer is inserted into the bore of the barrel and held stationary while the barrel is turned around it.

Typically, steps in gun rebarreling include:

  • Blueprinting the factory action – returning your action to its factory specification
  • Replacing the barrel with hand lapped and chambered barrel to your specifications
  • Securely bedding the action in the stock
  • (Optionally) applying Cerakote coating to protect your new barrel
  • Adjusting, or replacing, the trigger
  • Test firing the rebarreled rifle

A rebarrel is an affordable way to give your factory rifle semi-custom performance using your existing action. By rebarreling, you will receive a firearm you love to shoot that is accurate and reliable.

At Melbourne Master Gunsmith, we can rebarrel all types of handguns and pistols. We specialise in rebarreling rifles that take a .223 Remington, and .308 Winchester cartridges or use a .223 Wylde chamber.

Barrel Threading

The barrel thread joint connects the rifle barrel to the action. For accuracy, this thread joint must have a precise fit and perfect finish. Of most importance is in the barrel threading process is centering the center of the bore to the center of the head stock. The barrel must be precisely centered for best accuracy.

Similarly, barrel threading at the muzzle end allows mounting fittings such as a muzzle brake (also known as a recoil compensator).  This is best done using fine pitch threads of various sizes. Our master gunsmith can, barrel thread, instal and set up your muzzle break for optimal performance!

Rebarreling and barrel threading is just one way many people customise their firearms. Melbourne Master Gunsmith is has all the tools and skills to make many other custom gun modifications, including Cerakote firearm coatings. Call us now on (03) 4060 1001 for a free consultation and quote!